Magic Aces

Magic Aces 1.0

Magic Aces is an enjoyable poker game for all ages

Magic Aces is an enjoyable poker game for all ages. In this game, the objective is to defeat all of your opponents and become a world class player. The game is really easy to play. You just have to create poker hands from the cards you have and the ones that are already on the table. You always have 5 cards in your pocket and 3 in your draw. Whenever you create a hand, you must start the clock to give your opponent time to create his/her hand. When the time runs out, your hand will be compared to his/hers and the best one earns a certain amount of money and bonuses. With the money you get, you can later buy upgrades that help you win the games more easily and fast. As you progress in the game, you will face different opponents (you may even have multiple opponents at the same time) and the games will get more and more challenging.
Unfortunately, the game only includes one mode and no mini-games, so the game is basically playing poker all the time. Graphics are good, but not impressive, as well as the sound effects and music.
To sum up, if you are looking for an enjoyable poker game with nothing out of the ordinary, Magic Aces could work for you.

Silvana Mansilla
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Review summary


  • Good upgrades
  • Enjoyable
  • Multiple opponents
  • Nice graphics


  • Nor original nor impressive
  • Only one game mode
  • No mini-games
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